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Ben Jacobs, a cynical and emotionally distraught reporter, heads to a small town in the American South, seeking to uncover the real story of a so- called miracle. 


Rumor has it, that during a hurricane over a decade ago, the people of this small town witnessed something that can only be described as a supernatural event. 


Ben finds townspeople eager to impart their story and the mysterious truth that changed their town, and their lives, forevermore.


Despite the vigor with which they share their story, the question remains, will Ben believe? In order to do so, he'll be forced to reluctantly accept his profound role in a story that's only just begun.




Dumbo Film Festival

Tryon International Film Festival

Raleigh Film & Art Festival 

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival

Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles

Portland Film Festival

RedWood Film Festival

Davis international Film Festival

 Shorts Showcase 2019-2020 Festival

Hollywood Verge Film Awards

Cherub Film Festival

Phoenix Short Film Festival

Ohio River Valley Short Film Festival

Venice Shorts, California

Ohio River Valley Short Film Festival

Indie Film Awards

Cobb International Film Festival



'Best Drama Film' & 'Best Director', Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles

'Best Actor' (Thomas Strickland), Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles

'Finalist' Portland Short Fest 



'Semi Finalist', Dumbo Film Festival

'Best Mid-Length Film', Raleigh Film & Art Festival

 'Best Cinematography' Portland Short Film Festival

'Outstanding Achievement Award, Drama Short' Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles

'Best Short Fiction' Davis international Film Festival 

'Best Narrative Drama', Shorts Showcase Film Festival

'Voters Choice Award', Cherub Film Festival

Best Short, Indie Film Awards

Best Music, Indie Film Awards

Best Drama, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival

Best Director, Cobb International Film Festival

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- Ben Allison

Shot in Davidson, NC, 'An Angel Whispers' was a community production; the passion of the project fueling everyone involved. No one got paid, any donations we raised for the film went to gear rentals, costumes and food for our hungry cast and crew. Locations were donated, restaurants offered food, the town supported our filming, and our friends and family showed up as extras. From start to finish 'An Angel Whispers' was a production of love and care, weaving in all aspects of our community.

Considering this period of uncertainty and sadness we're all going through, this is the type of story we all need right now. Stories about hope, inspiration, and the power of community help lift our collective spirits.

Perhaps it's kismet that brings us to a place where we are now sharing this film virtually, in homes, in lieu of theaters and community gatherings. Even though we are apart, it's the likes of movies, music and art that keep us connected. 'An Angel Whispers' is very much about evoking a sense of belonging, love, and togetherness.

It started with an award winning short script from Jeremy Storey. He has also completed a feature length version which has received myriad positive evaluations, a 7/10 avg. on the Blacklist and has won numerous accolades already.

Thus, it's our sincere hope to continue to expand on this incredible film and share an extended narrative with the rest of the world. It's our belief that this short film - and how audiences will respond - will demonstrate there's a large audience out there who want to see the bigger story.

From myself, and everyone involved in 'An Angel Whispers', we sincerely thank you for considering our labor of love for your festival.

Cheers, Ben Allison


Behind The Scenes


Directed & Produced by Ben Allison

Screenplay by Jeremy Storey 

Cinematography by Curt Braden


Thomas Strickland as Ben 

Skeeta Jenkins as Norm Clancy

Jessica Farmer as Frankie 

Beth Felice as Lillian

Brendan Martyn as Padre

Brickland Carter as Sheriff George

Emma Waycaster as Rebecca

Kevin O'Connor as John Mills



Assistant Camera - Sarah Braden 

Makeup - Megan Oliveri

Colorist - John Schroter

VFX - Ben Henry 

Lighting - Travis Karr & Alex Rivera

Sound - Scott Graham & Gavin Harwell 

Editing & Sound Design by Ben Allison


The Soda Shop,    Réa Wright,    Davidson Pizza Company,    Mestizo Contemporary Mexican Cuisine,    Blue Wave Concepts LLC,    Davidson Ice House,    TA Films,    Alex Smith,    Josh Zipin,    Diane Wilson,    Tony Martyn, Faith McGibbon Martyn,    1861 Outfitters,    Nora Barger Yoga & Movement,    Catawba Lands Conservancy,    Hayward & Sabine Rankin,    Davidson College Presbyterian Church,    Mount Zion United Methodist Church,    Lake Norman Christian School,    Zack Whyel,    Scott Claunch


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